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Pilih Kasih Audition - One Borneo, KK 25-26 April 2009

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Pilih Kasih is a reality based TV programme that aims to unearth new talents in acting to liven up the Malaysian film industry. The organizer will set up a ‘Pilih Kasih’ acting academy to house 20 talented student contestants to be trained by experienced and professional coaches in acting. The 5 most talented contestants who fulfill the required criteria will stand the chance to be selected as the main characters in the fiction film to be produced by Suhan Movies entitled ’Kekasih’, directed by nationally reknowned director, Bade Hj Azmi, soon after the completion of the reality TV programme.
Congrats to Audition Winners in JB and Seremban.. :)

Through this programme, contestants will be exposed to the actual routine of an actor. They will undergo practice sessions and serial drama recordings through various weekly assignments under the guidance and monitoring of experienced directors such as Along Kamaruddin and Amy Maziah. Apart from that, contestants will also be exposed to musical drama acting classess led by talented director, Erma Fatima who will assign the contestant’s second weekly assignment.

The ‘Pilih Kasih’ programme which will be aired live via RTM2 channel and Hypp.TV (

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Audition Episodes at the main cities nationwide thoughout 5 weeks beginning 11 April 2009 until 10 May 2009.

Daily Journals which will be aired for 30 minutes daily from Monday to Friday featuring the contestants daily activities undergoing training during the programme.

Weekly Highlights Malam Tayangan Perdana ’Pilih Kasih’ where the students will perform their 2 weekly assignments via 2 segments; short film and musical theatre live to be judged by viewers and judges

Contestants will then be judged via the Short Messaging System (SMS) by viewers. Apart from the SMS votes, the producer will also evaluate the contestants based on their character and suitability to play as the main character in the film. Every week, the fate of 2 contestants with the lowest votes will be determined by the producer.

As the main sponsor, TM also brings in Hypp.TV as the official online media partner for Pilih Kasih. Hypp.TV is a broadband TV service for Streamyx subscribers that enables them to watch streaming online videos through their laptop or desktop computers. As the official online media partner, Hypp.TV will design an official website for this programme that will feature all live Tayangan Perdana shows including audition episodes. The featured episodes’ content are exclusive and can only be viewed via Hypp.TV. In fact, if the audience misses any of the episodes, they only need to surf to Hypp.TV to access to Pilih Kasih’s official website, the only channel which provides reruns of the programme. Fans of the program can also follow the contestants’ progress throughout the programme and interact with them by watching exclusive behind the scenes video clips, catch the latest news on Pilih Kasih, get involved in daily polls, check out the photo gallery and jury's comment, chatting with finalists and also join in contests for an opportunity to win weekly prizes and during the grand final.

At the same time, TM's will also enliven the carnival that will be organized at every audition session locations and the, soon to be held, weekly Tayangan Perdana series. TM will be showcasing its products and services such as its broadband TV portal’s content – Hypp.TV, iTalk prepaid call cards, Let Talk packages, Streamyx Combo packages, and much more. The carnival would feature promotion and sales booths, refreshments and various fun and exciting games.

Audition location and dates which promises a carnival-like atmosphere with TM’s support, are as follows:

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